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eBay Subject Matter Expert: 5 Weeks to Becoming an eBay Subject Matter Expert Nick Vulich

eBay Subject Matter Expert: 5 Weeks to Becoming an eBay Subject Matter Expert

Nick Vulich

Published January 18th 2014
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How can being a subject matter expert turbo charge your eBay sales?Success on eBay seems easy enough. You list a few items for sale, wait for the money to roll in, rinse and repeat.If only it were that simple.The truth is: Anybody can put a few items up for sale on eBay, and score an occasional sale now and then. Being able to consistently sell items for a profit is not as easy.What usually happens is new sellers decide to unclutter, and sell a bunch of unrelated items as they clean out the garage, basement, or attic. Some sellers break up a book collection or sports card collection and piece it out on eBay. The thing is once they finish selling the items they have they can easily find their sales have started to burn out.They don’t know where to turn next.Other sellers can never seem to bring it all together. They have a great product line, they may even have the best price- but somehow, the sales don’t seem to follow.Let me share a little secret with you.People love to buy from an expert. They want to know the person on the other end of the transaction knows what he’s doing, and can answer whatever questions they may have. They want to know they can trust you.In essence, they want to know you’re a subject matter expert in your product line.Let me give you an example, I started selling on eBay fifteen years ago. My user name was Fifties Topps. That’s all I sold. 1950’s Topp’s baseball cards. I sold a lot of them, in just about any condition you could think of. Some of them were like new- others were just plain ugly with pinholes, or chunks torn out of them. 1954 and 1955 were my favorite sets, and I specialized in them. Most days I would have a hundred or more auctions running at the same time.Over time people noticed what I was doing. Many of them emailed me questions. What’s the proper way to grade a card? What’s the best way to store your cards? How did get started collecting?You get the idea. Because I specialized in selling fifties baseball cards people saw me as their go to person in them. They told their friends about me. They bought cards from me. They asked me questions.Eventually I started writing eBay guides. Many of them delved further into the questions customers were asking me. Before I knew it some of those guides received five hundred, a thousand, even twenty-five hundred page views.The amazing thing about the whole process was in less than six months, I went from being an eBay newbie to an eBay expert in 1950’s baseball cards.If you really want to turbocharge your eBay salesScroll up to the topClick on Buy NowUnleash the expert within you