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Fang James Patterson


James Patterson

Published 2010
ISBN : 9780099543763
309 pages
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 About the Book 

If Fang dies, Im going to make Patterson rewrite the book. I really will. Fang dying would screw up the series, and unless Angel gains the power to bring back the dead, Fang HAS TO STAY ALIVE! Fax is one of the BEST parts of this series! Particularly since the Erasers, and the School and all those people either dont exist or arent interested in them anymore. The series was better when the Flock was running.*later*I have been reading reviews. And it is unanimous. (Or at least it should be.) FANG. CAN. NOT. DIE. We should email Patterson about how Fang cant die.*even later*Okay, I looked at this book on Pattersons webite-AND FANG IS GOING TO BE REPLACED BY DYLAN, A BIRD KID RAISED TO BE MAXS PERFECT OTHER HALF. Therefore, Im going to buy it and skip to the end to make sure Dylan dies and Fang doesnt.*even later than even later*I know what happens in this one and in Angel now. *Barfs loudly and violently and a lot and then sobs.* Bleh. I skipped around in both of them, and they SUCKED. Fang ditched Max and now Dylan is like Fangs replacement and Fang spends all of his time with Maxs clone, Maya. *now proceeds to say many rude things to James Pattersons picture on the computer screen (not that he actually even writes these books anymore anyway-it just says he does on the cover)* From now on, Im just going to learn what happens from reviews, because I dont even want to bother trying to read these books anymore.