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Long Gone Anybody Susannah Waters

Long Gone Anybody

Susannah Waters

Published September 1st 2004
320 pages
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 About the Book 

When youre running away from life, how far do you need to go...?A nineteen-year old runs away from her life and keeps on running. Haunted by the unexplained departure of her mother four years earlier, she is looking and not looking. Adopting one identity after another - female escort, apple-picker, cashier, canvas girl in a travelling circus - she is afraid to slow down for fear of what, or who, may catch up with her. When anonymous postcards start to arrive at every place she goes, she is finally forced to confront the fate of her long-gone mother. Can this runaway-girl escape the same end?In a compulsive and moving novel riddled with family secrets, a predictably happy ending is never a guarantee. But one thing becomes certain- people can only ever save themselves.