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Cons, Scams, and Grifts (Dka File Novel) Joe Gores

Cons, Scams, and Grifts (Dka File Novel)

Joe Gores

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Penzler Pick, August 2001: If anyone knows how to keep a carousel of a plot going--with multiple entrances and exits and any number of brass rings looking like the real thing--its Joe Gores. His DKA files books--DKA standing for Dan Kearny Associates, a motley crew of accomplished San Francisco repo men--provide the kind of plot where the reader must trust the author and settle back for the wild (and wonderful) ride. In this new novel, the men and women of DKA meet up once again with members of the Muchwaya family of Gypsies. The two groups form a useful, if uneasy, alliance. Dan, in fact, agrees to be hired by Staley, a Muchwaya elder he likes despite considering him the twistiest man he had ever known. What Staley wants is for Dan to bring to earth the elusive and extremely gorgeous Yana, apparently now on the lam after murdering her husband. Yana is as clever as she is beautiful, and her wily disguises keep her--barely--one step ahead of Kearney.Cons, Scams & Grifts lives up to its title, with the usual Gores gusto keeping the action fast, furious, and funny. Im not going to tell you about the talking orangutan, or the phony baron, or the lesbian dominatrix, or the mortuary cosmetician known as Becky Thatcher, or what part the Pope plays, or how the Japanese mob got involved. Just trust me--it all makes sense in the end. And youre going to love it. --Otto Penzler